Clevedon House

Located on challenging sloping rural terrain, the site enjoys distant views of Hunua Ranges Regional park from north-east. Partly inspired by 1950’s Scandinavian modernism, the house is low profiled, with all spaces featuring full-height glazing, orientated towards north-east views, clad with white brick veneer and vertical cedar stained shiplap weatherboards and enclosed with simple skillion roof with covered Alfresco at north-west corner.

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Situated on long and narrow flat site with fully landscaped rear yard facing north, the two storey new residence features stacked bonded concrete block walls at lower level and a combination of vertical / horizontal cedar shiplap weatherboards at upper level. The flat roofed carport features a high stacked bond concrete parapet wall providing full privacy from the busy road. Master bedroom at the rear portion of upper storey enjoys great views of nearby Sunset Bay.


Located on hilly site, 10 minutes drive from Matakana Village, this completely secluded small bach enjoys expansive views of Pakiri Hills from north-east. Fully clad in horizontal stained cedar shiplap weatherboards, the bach features skillion roof with exposed Macrocarpa rafters, roof beams and posts, which provide the main visual interest to the house.


Located on compact and challenging sloping site at very end of the crescent drive, this completely secluded house is bordered by Awaruku Bush Reserve from north-west, providing full privacy to the house and its courtyard . Fully clad in horizontal stained cedar shiplap weatherboards which have two-tone scheme to accentuate house’s dynamic geometry, play of light and shadow and also to help blending into surrounding greenery.

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